Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trancit Demo

This video demonstrates the features available in the Trancit Control Panel, accessible by clicking on the gear icon in the toolbar. Music by Larry Fast.

The video shows the iPhone (or iPod Touch) turned on its side so that the full frame can be used for the demo. The resolution of the visualization is much higher in Trancit than in this video-- you can try "Trancit Lite Edition" to see what full resolution looks like.

The toolbar appears and disappears with a single tap on the display. The triangles on the toolbar control the energy of the visualization. You can double-tap the screen any time to start a visualization fresh.

When the screen goes blank because a visualization has "died out", or if you shake your iPhone (or iPod Touch), the display will be "seeded" with a starting point - random dots. These dots are symmetric by default. As demonstrated at the end of this video, you can remove this symmetry, generating a new variation of each of the visualizations.

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