Monday, October 6, 2008

What is Trancit?

Trancit is a simulation of a a category of mathematical processes that use simple rules to generate complex results. Traffic jams, stock market bubbles, and ecosystems form without any top-level design. In a similar way, swirls, pulsations, lattices and waves form in Trancit without any intentional design.

Trancit's images unfold from the interaction of simple particles with other nearby particles. While the resulting visual structures can take up the entire screen, they have their genesis simply in pixels interacting with the pixels next to them. I'll describe some of the specifics in future posts, for those that are curious, and I'll highlight parallels with the world around us, from atoms to brains to galaxies.

But the point of Trancit isn't the science-- it's the beauty of a dynamic, ever-changing and abstract work of art that you can guide or just simply watch. Perhaps even become entranced.

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